February 28, 2013

a year of firsts...

tomorrow, our little man turns one! he has made our lives fuller, richer and so much more purposeful than we ever thought possible. here's a look back at his firsts....our firsts.
1st family pic
1st road trip
1st movie 
  1st slide
1st goodbye 
1st angry birds 
1st 4th of july
1st date
1st horse 
1st cowboys game 
1st gameday
 1st gecko 
1st mustache 
1st tofu 
 1st time to play piano 
1st balloon and bball court
1st pumpkin 
1st parade
1st harvest festival
1st halloween
1st jack-o-lantern 
1st (and last) art trail
1st trolley ride 
1st thanksgiving
1st reindeer
1st carol of lights
1st stand
1st snow
1st christmas
1st superbowl
1st  plane ride
1st donut/valentine's day

nugget, you are the coolest kid ever and we are so lucky to be your parents.
you made us a mom and a dad and we are forever grateful.
hugs and kisses~m, s, b, b, t, m, b, n, m, bc and t

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  1. he is such a cutie!! omg!! so adorable...hi dear! i just found your blog and im loving it!! great post dear! would you like to follow each other?