June 29, 2012


goodbye dallas. or as some of you would have us say, goodbye richardson.
goodbye grimaldi's, gloria's and game night at the groves'. goodbye northpark, white rock and st. patty's day festivities. goodbye kixpo and the many shoe stores that feed matt's obsession. goodbye taco thursday, drinks in the english garden and dinner at the hills. goodbye mavericks games spent in the fancy suite and rangers games in the ridiculous heat. goodbye medical city and dr. waldrep (i plan on coming back to have our next 4 babies here). goodbye traffic and driving 20 minutes in any direction to see our bestest friends.  goodbye lower greenville, house of blues and my hh crew. goodbye c lunch peeps, badnews bears and formal fridays.  goodbye friday morning breakfast, taco bell bets and christmas parties (BILL COSBY). may there be more zombie bashes, pirate parties, kareoke nights and pizza at nasty matt's. i will miss the outdoor concerts, cheering on my runners and play dates at the park. never again will i injure myself in student/faculty game or be harassed by our creepy neighbor. not even in and out, h&m or the pages' new pool could keep us here. we have a lot of good friends that we hate to say goodbye to and a lot of great memories we get to take with us.  thank you to all of you who made dallas feel like home, i wish it didn't take so long to realize it.  i won't make that mistake in the future. 

happiness is best when shared and there was a lot of happiness had in the past 4 1/2 years.

one of the 1st nights 

st patty's day

mavs games

rangers games
(throwback pic)

world cup 2010 at twisted root


(cowboys endzone...no big deal)


pool time

gearbox launch parties

working hard


fashion at the park


the zoo

the arboretum

kentucky derby watch party

the night before tristan was born
(this makes me teary)

sweet family

fun times with friends

matt's boss
tom and steph, i have no idea why we don't have any pics of us in dallas...we've had many good nights at your precious abode and we will miss you terribly!

play dates

until next time....
hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, t, b, b, m, b, n, and m
troy and abed send their love from white rock.