March 29, 2012

oh my! our little man is 4 weeks old!

i can't believe how much he changes everyday. he doesn't sleep as much as he used to, so i need to change the description of our blog. we are discovering things we love and spending our time doing those things.

some of the things we love.......

our daily walks....
sometimes two, if pops wants to go when he gets home. we want mclain to be an 'outdoor baby/kid'. not sure if that's a thing but we want him to enjoy being outside.

bath time.....
ever since his umbilical cord fell off, he loves his bath and the whale (thanks scooter and megan) he sits in...he thinks he's Jonah.

sitting and watching his turtles....
troy, abed and jack

 hanging out with his pops....

celebrating our irish heritage....if only for a day

sitting in his swing (thanks aunt mandy and uncle michael) and looking at the wall of friends or out the window at the squirels taunting the dogs....

and most of all....hanging out with all his friends....

Hugs and Kisses,

S, M, Mc, B, T, B, M, M, B, N, T, A and J

March 10, 2012


So we had a baby.  He is pretty cool.  I give the over/under on walking at 7 months.  Is that good?  I have no idea.

But seriously, we have been blessed with a tiny healthy little boy.  On top of that we have been blessed with so many friends and family that have given us so much.  He has barely been put down in the last 7 days with all the people that have come to see him.

Picture Time (a little out of order)

First 5 fancy photos were taken by Taryn

Please note Matt holding my hand.  I couldn't ask for a more perfect partner in crime.

Baby's first pizza
First bath - he hated it

Calling the Groves on the baby phone

Hugs and Kisses,

S, M, Mc, B, T, B, M, M, B, N, T and A