October 30, 2012

so that happened....

there is a reason we don't own nice things...we have 4 dogs, 3 cats and a baby.  if something goes wrong and our nice things get ruined, we have 1 of  2 options. either a) we don't get upset because we have the funds to replace said ruined object or b) we freak out and the rest of our week is spent in mourning. we don't own too many nice things because we don't have money for the former and life is too short for the latter. so when mc threw up his entire dinner on the way to the hospital to visit our new friend, we didn't freak out that the upholstery in the range rover was ruined because we don't own a range rover. and we didn't freak out that the car seat i was willing to pay upwards of $1000 wasn't ruined because matt made me settle for the waaaay cheaper (just as safe) car seat-thank you, matt. so we kept calm. we got mc out of his clothes, cleaned off, and looking as cute as ever. we didn't pack a diaper bag because we were only staying for 5 minutes. when you don't take the diaper bag, you're just asking for something to go awry.  luckily mc had his cute tiger cloth diaper on, so we went with the 'he's going as bam bam for halloween' story.
please notice his the range of emotion...confused, embarrassed, ashamed and oh...life is good again. 
then we got to meet this cutie...he is perfect!
and then once we got home it was bath time..
never mind the 10 toys in the tub, he wants the drain stopper.

thankful for the car i do have, even if it's not a range rover. thankful for our car seat (which was long overdue for a cleaning). thankful for a happy boy. thankful for new life. thankful for good friends.
hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, b, b, t, m, m, n, b, bc and t

October 29, 2012

explore lubbock

when we moved to back to lubbock, it became "home"....again. i was determined to experience all that lubbock has to offer. according to the "it's official" post, i already had an idea of things i wanted to enjoy and explore.
* rosa's-check, check, check
* the drive-in-check
* amazing sunsets-check
* a DQ that is in walking distance and OPEN-check
* date nights-check...but we need more of them :)
* science spectrum-check
* joyland-check
* the 'big boy' swing in marmee and grandad's backyard-check
* tailgating-check?

things that have not been checked-off:
* chances R
* 2 local wineries (there are actually FIVE! whoop-whoop!)
* cafe j's
9 out of 13 ain't bad.
after being here 4 months (4 months?!), i've added to our "explore lubbock list".

things we can check off:
* tech football game
* pumpkin trail
* weekly walking trips to target
* jalisco's
* market street, also known as 'heaven'
* library membership

things that have been added to our 'to-do' list:
* our very own tailgate
* finding a little place of our own to call 'home'.
* pictures with buddy holly
* camping/hiking palo duro canyon
* the depot district

so the next time anyone says, "there's nothing to do in lubbock!" "lubbock has nothing to offer!", you just send them our way and we'll show them a good time!

what did we leave off the list? what are your favorite lubbock hotspots?

hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, b, b, m, t, m, n, b, bc and t

p.s. i'm thinking of doing a lubbock "2013 life list"....so bring on your 806 recommendations.

October 27, 2012

crawling? what's crawling?

this boy will walk before he crawls, you heard it here first. he gets frustrated if he's on his stomach for more than 30 seconds. but he will stand (holding onto something) for days, well more like 30 minutes but still. he's been like this since birth. he never wanted to be cradled, he's always preferred to be upright.
 (thanks taryn for this sweet pic)
he's been training for several months, so babies don't try this at home.
helping marmee with dinner

he'll be 8 months on november 1st.  i say he walks by december 1st. any takers?
have a great weekend!
hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, b, t, m, b, n, m, b, bc and

October 25, 2012

thankful thursday

just so we're all on the same page, i could do a very lengthy post of all the things i miss about dallas....maybe even several lengthy posts. but as our good friend bp says, 'you can look out the left side of the train (where the grass is green with rolling hills, the weather is perfect and the wildlife is breathtaking) or you can look out the right side of the train (which resembles the astroid from armageddon...yep that's two ben affleck references back-to-back).  i'm choosing the left side of the train. i'm choosing to see the greatness that lubbock and life have to offer.
with all that being said.....
we are thankful for new best-friends
thankful for glorious sunsets
thankful for the red dirt we stand on
thankful for the men in my life
what side of the train do you look out? what are you thankful for?
hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, m, t, b, b, m, b, n, bc and t

October 22, 2012

fall is in the air

what a weekend! we hit up the pumpkin trail. the iabc fall festival. made butternut squash soup. we went to the shallowater harvest festival parade. the red raiders won! the cowboys won. my fantasy team won. checked out a new church. hung out with great friends. and we saw Argo.
have you seen it? if not, go. now. if yes, wasn't it so good?!
pumpkin trail
some of my favorites
go tech! 
maggie has some serious competition
he is more interested in the hay

the shallowater harvest festival parade.
i love parades. i love the coming together of the community. i love the candy. the weather was perfect. i love knowing people in the parade (marmee and grandad). i love the candy. i love the loud noises. i love the cool cars (in west texas 'cars' mean 'tractors'). 
 oh, and i love the candy.
there's a new sheriff in town
mc is a lover of parades, just like his mama.

hey district govenor aka marmee! (and grandad's in the hummer)

tractor 1
tractor 2
tractor 3
there were more tractors but you get the point.
they have on the same shoes. they're so cute!

 catchin' candy one-handed....he makes me so proud.
 our loot (or what was left of it)
we are looking forward to another busy week.  uncle benji's birthday. hayrides and apple pickin' at apple country orchards. carving our pumpkin. checkin' out the corn maze. and i haven't even started on our costumes....
hope y'all have a great week!
hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, t, b, b, m, m, b, n, bc and t

October 20, 2012

daddy daycare

i recently went back to work full time. matt is working part time for a church, which means mc is hangin' out at the church nursery. but when their not at the church, they are tearin' it up at home.  lit-tra-ly. tearin' it up.

this is what i came home to the other day.  as i was making my way to mc's room, i paused to listen to him talk to himself.  at what point does one stop talking to themselves? i mean, i occassionally talk to myself, but mc is constantly talking and singing. oh, how i love him! anyway, sorry i got side-tracked. where was matt when this picture was taken? he was in the bathroom cleaning up a very dirty cloth diaper. (tmi?) what a trooper! matt is doing such a great job! all the clothes on the floor were hung up and organized by color and the cloth diapers were put in their designated bins. oh, and mc and his playmat were upright and functioning properly.

my only worry, is that matt is getting too comfortable in his new role.
hugs and kisses~s of m, s, mc, b, b, t, m, n, m, b, bc and t

October 19, 2012

pumpkin trail

attention all hub city neighbors, the pumpkin trail is open and in full swing!
see you tomorrow at the shallowater harvest festival!
hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, b, b, t, m, m, b, t, bc, and t

his laugh is contagious

 in case you haven't seen it. and even if you have....
here is your daily dose of cuteness
you're welcome :)
 happy friday! have a great weekend!
hopefully you'll get to do something fall-ish!
 hugs and kisses~ m, s, mc, b, b, t, m, n, b, m, bc and t

October 17, 2012

nights like tonight

so thankful. thankful for perfect weather, sunsets and patios. thankful for rosa's and chips n' queso. thankful for time alone with my two favorite people. thankful for the joy and laughter they both bring me. thankful that i am mc's mama and handsome's wife. thankful for the sweet friends who provided us with a 'welcome to lubbock' care package because they paid for our dinner.

oh, and mc told me he is thankful for his new '96 air more uptempo that his pops bought him
what are you thankful for?
hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, b, b, t, m, m, n, b, bc and t

happy hump day

a quick shout out to my sweet brothers-in law, my dear friends brandon and dana, my handsome husband and mister mc for making my day very happy :)
music (yes, i prefer compact discs) courtesy of josh
can't wait to dig into these books, courtesy of benji
my new shoes, courtesy of brandon and dana
(happy halloween!)
my new polk-a-dot top, courtesy of my handsome husband
and for being this little's momma

happy hump day!!!
hugs and kisses~ s from m, s, mc, b, b, t, m, b, m, n, bc and t


October 16, 2012

are your guns ready?

our sweet friends came to visit us this past weekend.  it was their 1st time to the hub city and their 1st tech football game. we had to show them all that lubbock had to offer.  but strangely we realized there was too much to see, (who would have thought lubbock had too much to see) and not enough time.
a 'man' size drink to kick off the festivities

oh yeah! we traveled minivan style!
caprock cafe where texas plays
we went to the depot district but it was raining, so we stayed in the minivan.
(picture taken at a later date)
the 2 most likely to NOT where these hats
are your guns ready?

being a sweet husband and getting his wife some nachos
game time is taken very seriously

come back soon! or better yet, just move here!

hugs and kisses~ m, s, mc, b, b, t, m, b, n, m, bc and t