October 15, 2012

where to stay? who to see? not enough time!

we love going back to dallas. we are blessed with lots of people who love us, but unfortunately there isn't enough time to see everyone. we know we won't get to see all the people we love every time so we will just have to start a rotating schedule. a few weekends ago we came in for a visit. 
we stayed less than 48 hours, that seems like a long time but it felt like 8.
friday, we got to stay with the groves. you know you're at the groves when you have to leave your shoes at the door. there are 3 different types of dessert, and 12 differnt game options.  

mattye loved pushing mc in her car. 

saturday, we crashed t's birthday party. i've never seen such well behaved kids outside of the hager household.  these 12 kiddos all left the giant bounce house to sit and eat.
no crying. no yelling. no food throwing. no drama.

mclain loved him some grand-dude and some pizza

t's new bike and his super hero balloons
(it's a little blurry because he was going soooo fast)
1st balloon and 1st bball court

1st of many bball games
saturday night we stayed with the pages.
mclain loved all the attention.
their backyard is one of our favorite places in all of dallas. even when it's 40 degrees.
if you know how to freeze time or make it last longer, please let us know....
we are in need of more time with all our friends.
hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, b, t, m, b, m, n, b, bc and t

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