December 30, 2014

our christmas

this christmas was definitely not what we had planned.
my water broke at 25 weeks. which means as of december 19th, the hospital is now mine and baby's home. we will be here until either baby or i decide we're ready to deliver or until i'm 34 weeks, at which time, i'll be induced.

i had a whole list of christmas activities that i did not get to this year. but some things we did get to do before i was admitted to the hospital include:
watching christmas movies with my little man instead of taking a nap, looking at christmas lights, visiting a santa, not necessarily THE santa but that's okay. 

 ^^^because every nativity scene needs a dinosaur^^^
 ^^^a little unsure^^^
^^^snowman soup (hot cocoa) and christmas movies during naptime^^^
^^^christmas eve - 26 weeks^^^

matt spent the night on christmas eve. and on christmas morning his mom made me cinnamon rolls and pigs in a blanket and his brother delivered them to the hospital.

excited about his 'daniel tiger' book 
it's tradition, that every year, something is hiding under the pyramid tree. 
 this year it was: Optimus Prime!!!
make sure your volume is up.
 she loves her new tiger--pure joy!
 not sure whose more excited about her socks, her or her pops.

christmas night, mclain and pops came to spend the night. 
mclain got 'how to train your dragon 2' for christmas, so we all piled in the hospital bed and watched our new movie.

santa has already agreed to visit once i've delivered and am back home. :)

happy new year!

christmas card outtakes

love these kiddos.

 "ho! ho! ho!"

mclain got out of the chair, went to the bookshelf, 
picked out 'one fish, two fish...' and came back and sat down.
aplin is reading her current favorite book, 'christmas in the manger'.

these sweet faces made it hard to pick just one picture for our christmas card.

merry christmas!

thankful for thanksgiving

i LOVE thanksgiving.
matt's family does it right. it starts on wednesday night and the fun goes through saturday morning.
it's jam-packed with family, friends, food, football, cookies, kids of all ages, card games, the abilene zoo,  more cookies and the annual the talent show filled with singing, dancing, playing of instruments, magic tricks and a frozen sing-a-long.

 ^^^McLain sang his 'ABCs' for his talent^^^
she was in heaven with all her cousins and all their toys
trying to get to the flamingos

happy thanksgiving~m, s, mc, a & baby 

p.s. i took some time off from social media during our thanksgiving break, and i'm so glad i did. i was soaking up every moment.  i really need to do that more often.

December 29, 2014

halloween 2014

peter pan, tinkbell, captain james hook & wendy girl.

next year, i'll make sure i have my big girl camera. 
this year, the iphone pictures are sub-par. 

if i'm going to invest in costumes, you better believe, we are going to get plenty of use out of them. 
i drag the troops to as many fall festivals as possible. the kids love it! as for matt, well...he pretends.
train rides and suckers
and bounce houses for days.

our school has a tricycle parade. with balloons and popcorn and all the kids riding their bikes. the most adorable thing is to see all the kiddos in their costumes.
i got to play captain hook to aplin's tinkerbell at school.
(because if i walked around school as wendy girl, no one would know who i was supposed to be.)

trick-or-treating as a family
^^^ if you look close, there is a baby bump in this pic ^^^
18 weeks :)

we stopped at uncle ben's to end the night
full size candy bars and piano playing

i'm already brainstorming about next year's costumes.