July 10, 2016

tour de texas

this past week we drove 1,380 miles. we were gone for 7 days. 6 nights. we stayed at 3 different families' homes. we visited some of our very favorite people. we traveled to dallas, down to houston, a quick day trip to galveston and a not-so-convenient pit stop to the magnolia silos in waco on our way home. we spent our time in the sun and in the pool, eating the best home cooked meals, staying up too late, skipping nap time and exploring new places. we didn't want the fun to end, but you can only expect the best of friends to welcome this loud circus with open arms into their homes for so long. every mile. every potty break. every penny girl meltdown was worth the time together as a family and with our friends...who we consider family. 

here's a few photos of the great memories that were made.


other than our friends, the place we might miss most in dallas is northpark. the mall that is greater than any other mall...why, you ask. it is the mall without kiosks. you can roam from store to store without being bombarded by sales pitches. 
the flowers, the art, the stores, the restaurants, the lack of panhandlers....it's all so heavenly.



what a special week that will be forever in our hearts!

big hugs,
m, s, mc, a, + p