August 4, 2013

baby girl is here....and she has a name

she arrived eleven days early.  i guess she was as anxious to meet us as we were to meet her.   

i haven't blogged in a while because we were using all our spare time preparing for baby girl's arrival, spending time with mclain and watching all the episodes of 'new girl' for the fourth time. needless to say, we were busy. since she has arrived we've been spending our time loving on her, feeding her, staring at her, feeding her holding her, feeding her and watching mclain love on her. he LOVES to hold her, point out all the body parts on her face and give her aggressive, slobbery kisses. i'd have to say my favorite part of being a mama of 2 is watching mclain love on his baby sister. 

to be honest, i was a little apprehensive about having another little.  life was so good as a family of 3, i couldn't imagine it getting any better. but God has bigger and better plans than i could ever imagine. he has definitely blessed our family of 3 to become a family of 4 and she fits so perfectly. okay, enough with the babble here are some pics of our first week as a family of 4!

*preparation is key* 
*37 weeks*pinks and purples...oh my*dream sweet dreams, baby girl, your crib is ready*
 *she didn't have a name for the first 20 hours of her life*love at first sight*
*i wish i could've seen mclain's face when he saw his baby sister for the first time*

*meet Dorothy Aplin White, her friends call her Aplin*the first time her saw her up close*
*ready to go home*our family of 4*
*also, i'm convinced mc grew 6 inches during our 2 day stay at the hospital*

*39 weeks (or 4 days old)*papa came to visit*
*ruby red slippers (courtesy of her pops)*first night in her big girl crib*
*aunt ellee came to visit*he LOVES to hold her*
*marmee and grandad make being a mama of 2 very easy :)*one week old...already*

hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, a, b, b, t, m, m, b, bc, and m

thank you to all our friends & family for your well wishes, thoughts and prayers...this girl is loved by so many. 


  1. Oh. my. gosh. that pic with the bow on her sweet head is to die for. I haven't put a bow on Farrah's head yet, but that has inspired me to buy a bow for her asap. so happy for you guys!

    1. kimmi, get that girl a bow! :) can't wait for our babies to meet each other!

  2. I cannot wait to see that sweet girl! You guys are a precious family!

    1. thank you! aplin keeps asking about you and is wondering when she'll get to meet you?

  3. So excited for you and your family of 4! She is adorable and fits so well! Congratulations!

    1. thank you so much! i think she's pretty perfect :)

  4. Ok. LOVE all of her sweet hair! And Aplin is the single best name I've heard in a loooooong time. And you must know I'm picky. I wanted to have a baby named Apple, but the hubs wouldn't go for it. ;)

    Thanks for commenting on A & C and being so sweet. I haven't found the time to comment back to everybody, so I'm trying to go back and respond to people. Just wanted you to know you are appreciated! And that God is bigger than 2 incomes going to 1. We started out on 1 and it was the hardest thing we've ever done, but we learned so so much....