August 10, 2013

ten on 10

one. this video is a must see.

two. baby girl is two weeks old today....she sleeps about 23 of the 24 hours in a day.

three. this video is also a must see, the editing and footage is a little rough but his smiles in the middle make it all worth it....consider it a clip from a documentary. raw and edgy.

four. four more weeks until the first tech home game....time to get serious about tailgate planning....anyone have a space, a tent and a smoker they want to let us borrow? we can provide the pirate flag and all things necessary for double t wraps.

five. aplin needs these sandals for next summer...i might also need a matching pair.

six. mclain is OBSESSED with strollers (like, stalks any person pushing a stroller in a public setting, kind of obsessed) and i think i've found the perfect stroller he can stroll Buddy in.

seven. i follow this family on instagram. i find them so inspiring, and find myself telling matt stories about them as if i actually know them. crazy how instagram makes you feel so connected to people you've never even met! here is a yahoo video about their journey.

eight. in the past two weeks, we've had eight people/friends/family/strangers bring us food. thank you, jesus for good friends, family and complete strangers who have so graciously fed us.

nine. this past week, i had to got to drive with matt and aplin up to pampa for matt's work--i don't remember the last time i was so excited about a road trip, the journey, not the destination. just being, talking, listening to music with matt--and sleepy aplin in the backseat. even though we had to drive the 3 hours back in separate cars, the 3 hours driving there, together, was so worth it. it was a great day-date including a yummy lunch at 'the coffee shop' in downtown pampa. if you're ever in pampa, you must eat there and tell them mike and shannon or matt and shayna sent you--they'll have no idea who you are talking about.

ten. ten days until we get to go to joyland--for FREE! i've been waiting all summer for this!

hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, a, b, b, m, t, b, m, bc, and m


  1. I think #7 is so funny, but I totally understand. It is amazing how we can connect with people we don't know when they are willing to display their lives for us. Blogging and social media are so unique.
    What/where is Joyland?

    1. joyland is a small (in comparison to six flags) amusement park here in lubbock. i used to make fun of it's small size and vintage/retro rides but now I can't help but love it. i guess that means i'm proud to call lubbock, 'home'. :)

  2. #7 is funny! I blog stalk so many people, I totally get it. I am not on social media, but I can imagine the amount of connection one could feel from that type of interaction. Apin is SO sweet, all that dark hair is beeautiful. Mc is such a great big bro. love it. can't wait to bring my little lady to lubbock to meet your crew:)

    1. thank you, kimmi! i can NOT wait to meet sweet Farrah and see you guys, miss y'all tons!