April 25, 2012

what the what?!

you know pops is on duty when mclain gets to enjoy his beverage of choice whilst taking a bath.....like father, like son.

if you didn't know, we are using cloth diapers. apparently, they are not user friendly because when people who are not familiar with cloth diapers (or light switches) the diaper gets put on inside out.....whoopsie.

pops treated us to semi-homemade donuts...they were awesome!!!
even mclain loved them!!!

(wow! what a bite!)

for those of you familiar with the swaddle, mclain is quite the escape artist.  usually it's his arms that get free, but recently it was his legs. as you can see, he was not thrilled about it.

hugs and kisses~m,s,mc,b,m,t,b,m,n,b,t,a,j

April 17, 2012

the many faces of mclain

mornings are mc's favorite. or maybe they're my favorite because he is so expressive and talkative.  i got camera happy this morning and captured many of mclain's faces.....
oh my gosh!!! i just love that face!!!

hugs and kisses~s, m, mc, b, t, m, b, m, n, b, t, a, j

April 12, 2012

james 1:17

"every good and perfect gift is from above" james 1:17

six weeks ago today matt and i were blessed with the most amazing little man.  anyone who has met him will agree, he is definitely a gift and we are forever grateful. everyday is an adventure and as sad as i am for how 'old' he is already, i look forward to every new day and how much he is growing and the person he is becoming.

hugs and kisses~s,m,mc,b,b,t,m,b,m,n,t,a,j

April 11, 2012

tummy time

today was our first successful tummy time!

according to wikipedia (a very reliable source) tummy time- is a colloquial (matt, try and say that 3 times fast....actually try saying it once) term used to encourage parents to ensure their babies spend time on their stomachs. Babies may benefit from spending time on their stomachs. It may help strengthen their posterier neck muscles and reach milestones like crawling faster.

mclain is not so fond of 'tummy time'. he prefers to be upright. being horizontal is one of his least favorite positions. these are just a few pictures of his preference.

he also has recently started cooing/talking...i LOVE it!
here are a few pics of tummy time along with a video :)
*thanks to tj, ellen, teddy & the weirdo that gift wrapped our activity gym.


please ignore my commentary