April 29, 2014

park date with the joneses

sometimes we drive across town and go to the fancy neighborhood with the fancy park. i like to pretend we live there, mclain likes the new and different adventure and aplin sleeps right through it.

"i run so fast."
"tootie, come on, let's go play."
 this neighborhood also has a splash pad (the only splash pad in lubbock), so i imagine we will be visiting more when the weather gets hot.hot.hot. until then, can someone water  and mow my pretend grass?

hugs and kisses~s. 

April 28, 2014

Appie Girl + 9 months

~she is clapping~
~she loves to splash in the bathtub~
~she loves to pat her belly when she's not wearing a shirt~
~she's found her tongue and sticks it out all the time~
~she loves to babble~
~she turns the pages to her favorite book~
~she stands in her crib and bounces before laying down to go to sleep~
~her teachers say she's very easy going and happy~
~her favorite things are mclain's favorite things--which isn't mclain's favorite~

she's getting so long and losing all her precious rolls. 
i'm fighting every urge to over-feed her so she can keep all that squishy goodness. 

sweet dorothy aplin, life is sweeter with you in it! keep smiling that beautiful smile, it's contagious!
we love you more than you'll ever know.

hugs and kisses~pops, tootie and mclain

April 24, 2014

texas rangers

last friday, mclain and aplin went to their first texas rangers game. we had an absolute blast! the kids did great and we all loved the post-game fireworks. 
~ if people started clapping, he would put whatever food he was holding in his hands, in his mouth so he could clap too ~
~ brothers ~
~ buy her some peanuts and cracker jacks... ~
~ he loved every minute ~
~ first ballpark hot dog ~
we can't wait to go back!

fireworks via our iphones

and this video makes my heart happy.

hugs and kisses~ m, s, mc, and a

April 16, 2014

easter egg hunt

my MOPS group had an easter egg hunt last weekend. unfortunately, we got there late, so mclain only got two eggs. lucky for me, he's still too young to know he's suppose to be mad a me. 

matt was at a golf tournament, so i was chasing mclain around with aplin on my hip, trying not to drop my camera and keeping mclain from falling in the water. you'll be happy to hear, i didn't drop my camera. mclain didn't fall in the water. aplin stayed on my hip. and mclain was completely satisfied with two easter eggs...i'm going to call that a success.

~ the hunt was in the backyard of the betenbough main office. it's like we weren't even in lubbock! ~
~ he was telling the easter bunny all about his easter eggs. he was so proud of his two eggs! ~

 ~ i could not stop laughing when i saw this picture! ~

~ after my pitiful attempt to take a picture of us, someone was nice enough to offer to take our picture. ~

Happy Easter!

hugs and kisses ~ s, mc and a

April 14, 2014

big boy haircut

it's been 4 weeks since we cut mclain's hair. it's taken this long for my mama heart to stop hurting and finally accept his big boy haircut. he looks so grown and so handsome...i may be a little partial.
there were several things that made this haircut a successful experience...
-daniel tiger
-team work
-and my beauty school dropout skills

he received a lot of compliments on his new haircut but because i was still so sad about his big boy status, i may not have been very gracious to those compliments.  if you're reading this and thinking, "yeah, she wasn't very nice about it". i'm so sorry. i wasn't emotionally prepared for your compliments. please forgive me.

hugs and kisses~s.

also, because i love this picture so much. our sweet friend Taryn took this pic. we love you, Nonny.