April 28, 2014

Appie Girl + 9 months

~she is clapping~
~she loves to splash in the bathtub~
~she loves to pat her belly when she's not wearing a shirt~
~she's found her tongue and sticks it out all the time~
~she loves to babble~
~she turns the pages to her favorite book~
~she stands in her crib and bounces before laying down to go to sleep~
~her teachers say she's very easy going and happy~
~her favorite things are mclain's favorite things--which isn't mclain's favorite~

she's getting so long and losing all her precious rolls. 
i'm fighting every urge to over-feed her so she can keep all that squishy goodness. 

sweet dorothy aplin, life is sweeter with you in it! keep smiling that beautiful smile, it's contagious!
we love you more than you'll ever know.

hugs and kisses~pops, tootie and mclain

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