April 16, 2014

easter egg hunt

my MOPS group had an easter egg hunt last weekend. unfortunately, we got there late, so mclain only got two eggs. lucky for me, he's still too young to know he's suppose to be mad a me. 

matt was at a golf tournament, so i was chasing mclain around with aplin on my hip, trying not to drop my camera and keeping mclain from falling in the water. you'll be happy to hear, i didn't drop my camera. mclain didn't fall in the water. aplin stayed on my hip. and mclain was completely satisfied with two easter eggs...i'm going to call that a success.

~ the hunt was in the backyard of the betenbough main office. it's like we weren't even in lubbock! ~
~ he was telling the easter bunny all about his easter eggs. he was so proud of his two eggs! ~

 ~ i could not stop laughing when i saw this picture! ~

~ after my pitiful attempt to take a picture of us, someone was nice enough to offer to take our picture. ~

Happy Easter!

hugs and kisses ~ s, mc and a

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