April 14, 2014

big boy haircut

it's been 4 weeks since we cut mclain's hair. it's taken this long for my mama heart to stop hurting and finally accept his big boy haircut. he looks so grown and so handsome...i may be a little partial.
there were several things that made this haircut a successful experience...
-daniel tiger
-team work
-and my beauty school dropout skills

he received a lot of compliments on his new haircut but because i was still so sad about his big boy status, i may not have been very gracious to those compliments.  if you're reading this and thinking, "yeah, she wasn't very nice about it". i'm so sorry. i wasn't emotionally prepared for your compliments. please forgive me.

hugs and kisses~s.

also, because i love this picture so much. our sweet friend Taryn took this pic. we love you, Nonny.


  1. Precious little boy. You will look back on these photos and see how little he still really is. Love you girl. Love that McClain too