July 14, 2014

our weekend...

some weekends are better than others.  this past weekend was one of those better weekends. 
movie in the park. 
nasty matt's pizza. 
friends visiting from out of town. 
peggy's famous fried chicken. 
a slumber party and games.
mclain had ice cream and park time with his grandparents and cousin.

and today we celebrate this man.
 life is better with him in it. 
happy birthday, handsome!

hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!
hugs and kisses~shayna

July 9, 2014

colorado--you have our hearts.

we were fortunate enough to stay with some great friends in pagosa springs. it was a quick trip but we managed to fill it with lots of adventures and just enough relaxation. 

rock throwing and geese chasing with two of mclain's favorite people in the entire world.

can't you just smell the fresh air?!
she insisted on carrying him. of course, he obliged.


Treasure Falls

i wore my swimsuit as if i was going to get into that freezing cold water.


Small Town, Outdoor Rodeo
that backdrop
check out that action shot!
 because tractors are more entertaining than bucking broncos
he spies an ambulance.
making sure to touch every. single. light.
two-steppin' with my baby girl.


Mesa Verde

 i have still have anxiety from this adventure. the trail was paved but steep. it rained, which is why i only have a few photos from this trip. mclain almost fell into a 'social gathering pit' whatever that means...
a huge thank you to all the kind strangers who made a wall in order to prevent him from falling in the pit.
he does so well, until he decides to go rogue.
if you look close, there's that stupid social gathering pit.


building blueberry snowmen and loving our babies well. 

 there is nothing better than watching other people love on your children.

looking forward to more family vacations in the mountains.

hugs and kisses~m, s, mc and a