July 27, 2015

happy appie day!!!

you are a force to be reckoned with.
your heart is big.
you love to help.
you love to color. you love to swing. 
you love a good reaction.
you prefer to be naked.
you can't be still for too long.
you are busy doing all.the.things.
you are sunshine and rainbows.
you love all things pink and all things sparkly.
you love balloons and you love to snuggle.
you are quick to forgive.
you know what you want, and more importantly, you know how to get it.
you are determined.
you are something fierce.
you are beautiful. inside and out.
you are worth far more than rubies, you are a child of the one true king.

my prayer for you always, is that you may know your worth,
your worth in our family.
and your worth in God's family.
i love you. i love that i get to be your tootie. i love that i get to live life with you.
happy H A P P Y birthday to you, sweet girl.

love, tootie