December 30, 2015

Christmas Card 2015

getting christmas cards is one of my favorite things about the holidays. but this year, i was running behind and took our christmas card pictures on christmas eve. which at that point, was really just for me and not to be sent to others. i should probably download one of those cute seasonal to-do lists from pinterest to help me be more efficient with my time. this season can be so busy and a bit overwhelming. we did a lot of fun christmas activities this year, but not as much as i would have liked. i'm a to-do lister in my daily life, so why wouldn't i use a list to fit in as much christmas goodness as possible? did anyone get it all done before christmas? if so, teach me your ways.

here are a of my favorite pictures.

and i think this would have been the picture to make the cut.

now, i need to go browse pinterest in search of the perfect christmas to-do list....

merry belated christmas!

December 2, 2015

our thanksgiving

our favorite part about thanksgiving is spending time with our family. 
cooking, eating, cleaning, playing cards, seeing everyone's newest talent at the talent show and the kids LOVE being with all their cousins.

~ the leaves made for lots of entertainment ~

~ they do not discriminate, they will jump in the tiniest of puddles ~

 ~ older cousins are the coolest ~

~ i asked mclain what his favorite part of thanksgiving was and he said, "having fun!" ~

 ~ gibbs calls mclain, his buddy. we love you, gibzer ~

 ~ we make a great team. we were undefeated for thanksgiving 2015 ~

~ matt took over his dad's 'Crooked Mouth Mouse' story for the talent show this year ~

hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!
we missed all our family we didn't get to see. we prayed for healing, for safe travels and we gave thanks that we get to have you as family.

big hugs and lots of love,