April 2, 2014

fire station

 fun fact: if you ask mclain, 'what does a firetruck say?' he will say, 'hi!'.  
one time, we were stopped at a traffic light, sitting next to a firetruck.  the fireman sitting in the back, made mclain's day by waving hi to him. therefore, firetrucks say, 'hi!'. so cute, right? 

we were excited to have the opportunity to tour a local fire station and meet the firefighters.  

to say 'thank you' we brought the firemen toffee crack. here's the recipe, if you haven't made it (and even if you have), i strongly urge you to stop reading this and go make some now. it's okay, you can come back and finish this post and thank me in the comments below about the fabulous-ness of toffee crack.
 we got a tour of the entire fire station, including their classrooms and workout room. 
 ^^^just getting a quick workout in^^^
 if we're being honest, during the instruction portion, mclain wasn't the most attentive student. he spent most of the time inspecting the tires and running circles around the trucks, but this picture makes him look very interested in what the firemen have to say.
apparently, mclain wasn't emotionally prepared for the responsibility of sitting in the driver's seat of the firetruck, that moment lasted an entire 2 1/2 seconds. maybe next time. overall, i'd say mclain had a magical time. and as a mama, there's nothing better than watching your little ones have a  magical experience.
hugs and kisses~s.

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