April 25, 2012

what the what?!

you know pops is on duty when mclain gets to enjoy his beverage of choice whilst taking a bath.....like father, like son.

if you didn't know, we are using cloth diapers. apparently, they are not user friendly because when people who are not familiar with cloth diapers (or light switches) the diaper gets put on inside out.....whoopsie.

pops treated us to semi-homemade donuts...they were awesome!!!
even mclain loved them!!!

(wow! what a bite!)

for those of you familiar with the swaddle, mclain is quite the escape artist.  usually it's his arms that get free, but recently it was his legs. as you can see, he was not thrilled about it.

hugs and kisses~m,s,mc,b,m,t,b,m,n,b,t,a,j


  1. It looks like you put him in a straight jacket

  2. kayla, don't let them tell you they don't love their straight jacket.