May 10, 2012

Morning Farts with McLain

Last week was my (MW) turn to take care of Mc.  His shoe collection grew by a couple pair and we played quite a few sports.  We grew beards and shot hoops in the pool.  We made pizza twice and worked on our fried pies.  We filled our pants so full of what can only be described as green mayonnaise that I just decided "screw it" and used an entire travel pack of wipes since we were already at Target. Basically just boys being boys.

One thing I will agree with all the stay at home people, there really aren't enough hours in the day.  I had a lot of plans for us that were pushed because of a nap or feeding.  Even during his sleeping hours I couldn't cross off enough things on my list to make a dent. I mean I wanted to be helpful but really what it came down to was vacuum or play with Mc?  I only had a week and I couldn't waste it on chores.  For the women rolling their eyes, I vacuumed with him in the baby back pack thingy so SW did come home to a cleanish house.  I discovered early on that if I didn't shower and get dressed before he woke up at 8 the chances of Tootie coming home to me in last night's sleep clothes were on the high side.  So fine, I have a new appreciation for anyone raising children.

Ok, I am going to be sweet.  Don't expect this to happen again.  I have been more than impressed with Shayna in the last year.  From being pregnant to having the baby to being a mother.  She hasn't complained once.  Not walking all day in NYC 5 months pregnant.  Not when she pushed an alien out of her body.  Not when she had to get up in the middle of the night because daddy pretended like he was sleeping.  One of the sweetest moments of my life was her not realizing I could hear her singing "Good night sweetheart" through the monitor.  She is a natural mother and I think everyone sees it.  She is so good that maybe I will consider her crazy 5 children expectation.

Ok, sweetness over.  Back to inside awkward jokes!

Like I said Mc and I had a fun week full of sports and man stuff.

Like hoops:

"Get off me, awwww"

Ping Pong:

He is already better than his mother.


I least try for it.  Anyway, match point.


We don't cry during daddy's back swing.


Turtle Watching:

 Hanging with his buddies:

"We are the 2 best friends that anybody could have..."

At the Doctor:

Going to Home Depot:

Outside Party Time:

 Walking to DQ to get a blizzard:

Being sad we had to go get ice cream next door since DQ was closed:

All around it was a pretty good week:

Next week is Marmee!

Hugs and Kisses,

M, S, MC, B, M, T, B, M, N, B, T, A and ,J

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  1. You and Shayna are WONDERFUL parents and little Mc is a cutie pie. The blackboard slap was my fav.