December 30, 2014

thankful for thanksgiving

i LOVE thanksgiving.
matt's family does it right. it starts on wednesday night and the fun goes through saturday morning.
it's jam-packed with family, friends, food, football, cookies, kids of all ages, card games, the abilene zoo,  more cookies and the annual the talent show filled with singing, dancing, playing of instruments, magic tricks and a frozen sing-a-long.

 ^^^McLain sang his 'ABCs' for his talent^^^
she was in heaven with all her cousins and all their toys
trying to get to the flamingos

happy thanksgiving~m, s, mc, a & baby 

p.s. i took some time off from social media during our thanksgiving break, and i'm so glad i did. i was soaking up every moment.  i really need to do that more often.

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  1. This sounds like a dreamy thanksgiving. They For sure do it right! What a fun looking bunch of cousins!