December 29, 2014

halloween 2014

peter pan, tinkbell, captain james hook & wendy girl.

next year, i'll make sure i have my big girl camera. 
this year, the iphone pictures are sub-par. 

if i'm going to invest in costumes, you better believe, we are going to get plenty of use out of them. 
i drag the troops to as many fall festivals as possible. the kids love it! as for matt, well...he pretends.
train rides and suckers
and bounce houses for days.

our school has a tricycle parade. with balloons and popcorn and all the kids riding their bikes. the most adorable thing is to see all the kiddos in their costumes.
i got to play captain hook to aplin's tinkerbell at school.
(because if i walked around school as wendy girl, no one would know who i was supposed to be.)

trick-or-treating as a family
^^^ if you look close, there is a baby bump in this pic ^^^
18 weeks :)

we stopped at uncle ben's to end the night
full size candy bars and piano playing

i'm already brainstorming about next year's costumes. 

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