December 29, 2014

pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins

i love sharing my enthusiasm of pumpkins with my little ones.
^^^that scrunched nose^^^ 
 every time we went to store, we had to see/touch/hold/climb on top of all the pumpkins.
i guess my enthusiasm rubbed off on them.

the pumpkin patch at school. they each got to pick out their very own pumpkin

^^^she found her pumpkin!^^^
 once he found his pumpkin, all he wanted to do was play on the golf-cart
this year, instead of carving our pumpkins, we painted them.
well, mclain painted the pumpkins and aplin ate the paint.
"look at me, aplin. i'm doing really good."
"all the way up the bottom" 
^^^our painted pumpkins^^^

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  1. Cute cute kids and cute cute pumpkins. Making memories girl. You're a great mama