October 20, 2012

daddy daycare

i recently went back to work full time. matt is working part time for a church, which means mc is hangin' out at the church nursery. but when their not at the church, they are tearin' it up at home.  lit-tra-ly. tearin' it up.

this is what i came home to the other day.  as i was making my way to mc's room, i paused to listen to him talk to himself.  at what point does one stop talking to themselves? i mean, i occassionally talk to myself, but mc is constantly talking and singing. oh, how i love him! anyway, sorry i got side-tracked. where was matt when this picture was taken? he was in the bathroom cleaning up a very dirty cloth diaper. (tmi?) what a trooper! matt is doing such a great job! all the clothes on the floor were hung up and organized by color and the cloth diapers were put in their designated bins. oh, and mc and his playmat were upright and functioning properly.

my only worry, is that matt is getting too comfortable in his new role.
hugs and kisses~s of m, s, mc, b, b, t, m, n, m, b, bc and t

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