October 30, 2012

so that happened....

there is a reason we don't own nice things...we have 4 dogs, 3 cats and a baby.  if something goes wrong and our nice things get ruined, we have 1 of  2 options. either a) we don't get upset because we have the funds to replace said ruined object or b) we freak out and the rest of our week is spent in mourning. we don't own too many nice things because we don't have money for the former and life is too short for the latter. so when mc threw up his entire dinner on the way to the hospital to visit our new friend, we didn't freak out that the upholstery in the range rover was ruined because we don't own a range rover. and we didn't freak out that the car seat i was willing to pay upwards of $1000 wasn't ruined because matt made me settle for the waaaay cheaper (just as safe) car seat-thank you, matt. so we kept calm. we got mc out of his clothes, cleaned off, and looking as cute as ever. we didn't pack a diaper bag because we were only staying for 5 minutes. when you don't take the diaper bag, you're just asking for something to go awry.  luckily mc had his cute tiger cloth diaper on, so we went with the 'he's going as bam bam for halloween' story.
please notice his the range of emotion...confused, embarrassed, ashamed and oh...life is good again. 
then we got to meet this cutie...he is perfect!
and then once we got home it was bath time..
never mind the 10 toys in the tub, he wants the drain stopper.

thankful for the car i do have, even if it's not a range rover. thankful for our car seat (which was long overdue for a cleaning). thankful for a happy boy. thankful for new life. thankful for good friends.
hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, b, b, t, m, m, n, b, bc and t

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