June 23, 2012

it's official....

we are making the move back to west texas, the 806, the caprock,
red raider country, the LBK or more accurately the LBB.

after our most recent trip, we decided we just couldn't take it anymore. we need the big west texas sky, where you can see the storms rollin' in. we need rosa's, chances R and the drive-in. we need dust storms and amazing sunsets. we need 2 local vineyards and cafe j's.  we need a DQ that is in walking distance and OPEN. we need saver's and as much as i hate to admit it....chrome. we need date nights and star gazing. MC needs the science spectrum, joyland and the 'big boy' swing in marmee and grandad's backyard. we need the mountains (ruidoso is only 4 hours away) and midland (our all-inclusive resort is only 2 hours away). we need an Academy that actually sells texas tech essentials. we need tailgates, tumbleweeds and the carol of lights.
 but mostly, we need family.

big skies
1st blizzard...he wanted butterfinger but pops said he would disown him.
'big boy' swing

no more missing sunday lunch
we take our texas rangers very seriously
anna thinks her cousin is very soft (notice the AdvoCare plug)
silly faces
swinging HIGH
BIG slide

time to pack, put on our cowboy boots and get our guns up! who's comin' with us?!?!

hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, b, b, m, t, b, m, n, t and a


  1. Equal parts happy for you and sad for me!

  2. Keep the posts coming so we can keep up.

  3. We're totally coming for games this year! This post brought back such great memories!!! Going to miss you guys so much, but can't wait for the next adventure!

    Love yall.

  4. Excited for you guys! Looks like this will be a great move & family makes life so much more enjoyable. I'll miss you guys and wish you the best!

  5. @stephanie ....we've got a room for you guys! i didn't even mention the taser-happy people at crystal's, dancing on tables at marley's, chimy's margaritas or the ridiculous amount of people they cram into bluelight. so bring the pups and the brit and we'll show 'em how great flat lands can be! love you bunches!!!

  6. @MAD will do. we'd love for you guys to come visit and show you all the fun things lubbock has to offer!

  7. @Mrs. Howard...thanks so much! i'll miss you too. good luck with all your new adventures. i'm super proud of you!