June 11, 2012

summer life

i have to say, our first week of summer vacation was a success! pops had to work, so we picked him up and headed to the closest park for a picnic.  mc saw his first movie, snow white and the huntsman. we went to taco thursday. we went to the splash park and watched all the big kids get wet.  if you have kiddos and have not been to the splash park, i highly recommend it! it's completely free and lots of fun. (it's located in dallas at skillman and church, right across from lake highlands h.s.) we went to the zoo. and just like his pops, mclain was most interested in the reptiles and amphibians.  i was also very interested in the r and a, but mainly because the exhibit was air conditioned. and then of course, we hung out at the pool. he doesn't enjoy it as much as his baths, but i imagine as the days get hotter and the water gets warmer he will probably change his mind. we even got invited to go kayaking at white rock lake, but unfortunately we were too exhausted.
park time with my pops and my frog

movie time

splash park with walker berre

dallas zoo

checking out the creepy crawlers with my pops

.....he knows everything about reptiles and amphibians!

working on our blue steel in the pool

too exhausted to kayak...maybe next time.

we will keep you updated with all our adventures.
 next week....lubbock!!!

hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, b, b, m, t, b, m, n, t and a

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