June 17, 2012

happy father's day

I couldn't be more thankful for Matthew.  He is the best Pops ever!  McLain is the luckiest boy in the world, not only does MC already have a ridiculous shoe collection, he also has 4 dogs and 2 turtles all thanks to his Pops!What more could a boy want? Watching the two of them together absolutely solidifies that God hand-picked Matt to be McLain's father.

I wanted to reminisce on the Pops that he's been....
pennys for pops and pennys for mc
right after mc was born, matt was taking picture after picture of the two of them. it is one of my favorite memories of that day. he asked me, "do you want to hold him?" and i didn't, not yet anyway. i just wanted to continue watching him be in awe of his son.
no pictures please
pretend like you're asleep
1st diaper
boys only
my pops makes the best pizza
so tiny
baby phone
holding on tight
going exploring
working on his wrestling skills
in honor of opening day
drinking in the jacuzzi
hoopin' around (video)
cruisin' around white rock
golfing with pops
pool time
checkin' out the ridiculously large snake
picnic at the park

I can't wait to see what trouble these two will stir up in the future.

 happy 1st father's day, pops! we are so blessed and we love you so much!

hugs and kisses~s, mc, m, b, t, b, m, n, b, t and a

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