March 4, 2013

birthday weekend

our weekend was spent celebrating the birth of our little man.  we were surrounded by family, friends and a lot of yummy food :)
 marmee made blueberry muffins for mclain's birthday breakfast. aunt jane and grandmother dennis were there to celebrate. for dinner, mclain requested capital pizza...he's his father's son :)
he has discovered his tongue :)

 on saturday we celebrated mclain's birthday texas style in honor of texas independence day.
 "am i suppose to eat this?" -mc
       ^^^again with the tongue                                                     ^^^this is my favorite :)
"why have you been holding out on me this whole year?!" -mc
thank you for all the birthday wishes and all the love this boy has received over the past year! there is no shortage of amazing people in his life.
hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, m, b, b, t, b, n, m, bc and t

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