March 7, 2013

a new home...a fresh start

we have found a house! we have a contract on it!
today is inspection day. if all goes well, we close on march 21st :)
things i'm excited about for our new home.....

the washer and dryer and the coffee maker being on the same floor as our bedroom (and all bedrooms for that matter).

our picture wall....i miss seeing our friends' faces on a daily basis.

not having the fear of mclain falling down the stairs.

putting up mclain's trees that matt made him for his swamp room.

thinking i'm actually going to do all those DIY ideas i've been pinning about for the past 8 months.

fresh cut flowers in mason jars.

opening the windows and letting the west texas air fill our home.

getting a new 'welcome' mat for our front door.

hanging mclain's new swing that he got for his birthday.

finding the perfect shade of gray (light gray to be exact) so i only have to paint once. bring on your suggestions. ready. set. go!

hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, b, b, t, m, n, b, m, bc and t
p.s. start planning your trip to the 806 because you have a place to stay :)

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