March 8, 2013

guess what!?!

yep, it's official, mclain is going to be a "BIG BRO"! 
matt made this cute shirt (which matches his air max '95s) to share the news.
i don't know about you, but i think he's going to be the BEST big bro!

little nugget's eta is august 7th.

hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, b, b, t, m, m, n, b, bc and t

happy friday! happy weekend! happy spring break!

hope you have a big blue lego to take with you everywhere and make your life complete :)


  1. He will definitely be the best big bro ever!

  2. So sweet! So glad to have found your blog! My little man is just nine months, but I am already wanting baby #2!....maybe I'm not crazy??!!

    Your little guy is SO CUTE!!