February 18, 2013

this weeks happenings

several things that happened this past week....

1. mclain decapitated one of his stuffed animal during nap time.
2. we are officially house hunting. hip-hip! hooray!
3. mclain gave me my first real "neck-squeezing" hug...did your heart just melt? because mine did.
4. i found mclain reading flipping quietly through his books.
5. i'm in party-planning mode. our little man will be one in less than 2 weeks!?!
6. oh, and mclain took his first steps!!!!

happy monday! hope y'all have a great week!

hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, m, t, b, b, m, n, b, bc and t


  1. That is an eventful week! Your little man looks adorable!

    1. Thanks Laura! Your pictures are lovely!