February 11, 2013

what if....

 his very first plane ride. yep, he's awesome and the cutest and i think we'll keep him.
what if dallas and lubbock could somehow morph into one place? i would be the happiest person in that magical little/big place. what if we could have the dry weather of lubbock and the light breeze of dallas (emphasis on light)? what if there was gloria's and it's yummy bean dip and tasty beverages? what if all my favorite dallas people lived in lubbock (and actually wanted to live in lubbock)? what if mclain could spend his days with his role model/hero and the sweetest girl that gives him the sweetest smiles? what if taco thursday and the creek house moved to lubbock? what if ? until then, i guess we'll keep making our dallas trips and keep trying to cram in our favorite things and keep failing at cramming in said favorite things. 
so thankful. so blessed. our cup overflows.

hugs and kisses~m, s, mc

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