April 8, 2013

eight on 8

eight new fun facts about mclain

1. he is obsessed with any fan/light combo....i mean "obsessed".  the first thing he does when i walk in his room every morning is point to his ceiling fan. and he doesn't understand why a ceiling fan would ever be turned off.

2. yesterday, he insisted i share my grapefruit with him...what one year old likes grapefruit?

3. he has become quite the copycat.  he likes to brush his own hair. wipe down the table after he's done eating and the hardest thing for him to mimic is the eyebrow raise.  he can't quite grasp it, but it's the cutest thing to see him try.

4.  he loves to be chased. "i'm going to get you." is music to his ears.

5. he loves to share his food with bianca. a lot of times it's just him teasing her, but she doesn't seem to mind.

6. he loves to talk. i may not understand his jibberish, but i know that what he's telling me is very important.  i look forward to understanding our indepth conversations when he's older.

7. this morning, he took out all of my nail polish and then proceeded to stand them upright and place them in a straight line.

8. eight more weeks until summer! eight more weeks until i'm a stay-at-home mom! eight more weeks!

hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, bg, t, m, b, b, b, m, bc and t

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