April 16, 2013

a snippet of our weekend...

saturday morning, i had the opportunity to hang out on a nearby farm. it is my dream to one day own a (very small scale) farm, even though i have a healthy fear for large livestock. and by "healthy fear", i actually mean "they terrify the begeezus out of me".
for lunch, we met up with some of our favorite people at one of our favorite eateries.
***lunch with littles is so very different than lunch without littles....one of my profound acknowledgements after becoming a mom.

^^^this face is becoming one of his favorites :/
pops put mclain's swing up...and mclain seems to be very satisfied with the results :)
^^^also, buddy (the turtle) seems to be enjoying himself as well.
hope y'all had a great weekend!
hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, bg, t, m, b, b, b, m, bc and t

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