April 29, 2013

a quick trip...

we made a quick trip to dallas this past weekend--these trips are never long enough.  we never get to spend enough time with the people we see and we only have enough time to see a handful of people.  i'm ready to go back and spend a week there!  
he's still a fan of the page's pool

i always have these grandiose plans of capturing all the details of our trip/life on camera, but i always seem to fail. 

moments i wish i could have captured:

the ridiculous number of tumble weeds and dust devils that joined us on our drive
t pushing mc in the swing
baby jax's blue eyes and sweet smile
the perfect little touches to baby bowen wright's nursery
taco pizza--yep, as good as it sounds! picasso's people!
the giant stuffed giraffe that mclain fell in love with
a baby bump pic of baby girl and baby bowen wright
how lush and green dallas is--i'm talking tropical rain forest compared to lubbock 

happy monday y'all! hope it's a great week!

hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, bg, m, b, b, t, b, m, bc and t

p.s. what are your secrets to not forgetting to grab your camera and capturing it all? since all my pics are taken with my phone, do i need a phone strap? like most people have a strap for their cameras.  i'd wear my phone around my neck if that would help.


  1. Love this and miss you so much already - maybe we can create a Skype baby bump pic of Baby Girl White and Baby Boy BW? Love you guys! Xx

    1. love you too! already ordered my customized stamp, so excited! thank you so much!

  2. i just returned from dallas as well :) haha a phone strap- i love it....id be addicted.

  3. These images are so fun! Your boys are adorable! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com