December 7, 2012

what a gentleman!

seventeen years ago, God blessed our family with this special person. he is one of three reasons i always wanted to be a mom of all boys.
christian, you have a heart of gold, you are always thinking of others, you love well! very few high-schoolers would give up part of their spring break and part of their summer vacation to willingly spend time with family, but you were so eager to meet and hang out with mclain and for that i am grateful. you are very special to me and i look forward to mclain knowing you, looking up to you and learning from you. i am so proud of you and the gentleman you have become. you deserve the BEST in life and are destined for great things, don't settle for anything less. 
*spending his spring break loving on this cutie*
*mclain loves his uncle christian*
we wish you a very happy 17th birthday!!! we wish we could be there to celebrate you on your big day. (maybe on your 19th, you'll be at texas tech and we'll have a grand celebration ;) wouldn't that be the best?!?!)
we love you dearly and we consider ourselves blessed that we can call you 'brother', 'friend' and 'uncle'.
hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, m, b, t, b, b, n, m, bc and t

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