December 17, 2012

mc's wish list...

i thought it was only fair to share mc's christmas wish list as well. since he's not old enough to post on this blog or hold a pencil in his hand to write a letter to santa, or much less, use his words to express what he really wants for christmas, i thought i would be the great mother that i am and make a wish list for him.  keep in mind, he approved of all the items i am about to mention.

1. where the wild things are, best book ever! 2. cutest sweater ever! 3. woodland puzzle 4. wooden rainbow stacker 5. every boy needs a radio flyer wagon 6. rocking horse, of course! 7. dino tails book 8. red rain boots for puddle jumping 9. a new ride, he has good taste. 10. activity center

i'm glad we have an idea of what "santa" needs to bring...but man, he sure asks for a lot! i wonder where he gets that from?

what are some of your favorite must-have items for your littles?

hugs and kisses~mc

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