December 8, 2012

date night

sometimes pops has to work late and mclain and i are real sad about it, so we like to distract ourselves. last night was one of those nights, so mclain was sweet enough to take me on a date....
he wanted to go to sprouts so we could get all the ingrediants for butternut squash soup...he say's i make the best (don't tell him it's becky's recipe, he thinks i made it up ;))! but once we got there, i realized he had a hidden agenda. he LOVES novelty hats and had to try them all on.....
football? no.
 sock monkey? maybe
turkey that we'd seen on pinterest? no, too big
this was my fave...i love me some moose!
 this was mc's pic!
 it might be even cuter from the back!

since we couldn't agree on which hat was the cutest and i really want to wait until they're 50% off, we decided to get ice cream to ease the pain.
and with it being the christmas season, we had to go with chocolate mint :)
pops made it home in time to tuck mclain into bed and we ended the night with coffee, dessert, and great conversation with great people, including a surprise visit from kelly with coffee and husband.  i am so thankful for nights like last night. you don't see it coming, it's not planned, but it ends up being perfect! 
what hat did you like best?
have a wonderful weekend!
hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, b, b, t, m, m, b, n, bc and t


  1. The moose hat is definitely my fave! Can't wait to see you and the fan next week!

    1. right?! and it would fit him as he grows older....and it would fit me too ;)

    2. LOL! ... ulterior motive with the moose hat, huh?! :)