December 12, 2012

dear santa....

lately, matt has been asking me what i want for christmas.
i thought if i post my christmas wish list here, then y'all could keep him accountable :)

1. modcloth handbag  2. scarf  3.replace my beloved tory burch leopard print flats (sz 8.5)
4. bugaboo double stroller 5. fancy camera 6. hunter rain boots 7. glasses 8. ceramic mason jars 9. pen tablet 10. a little house to call our own *this one isn't in lubbock, but i bet we could build it on several acres and accessorize with some horses ;)

what's on your christmas wish list?

hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, t, b, b, m, n, m, b, bc, and t

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