November 19, 2013

mistakes at the lake 2013

for those of you who don't know, matt has had the same group of friends his entire life. unfortunately, we don't all live in the same town, so in order for our children to be life long best friends, we decided to have a weekend-long playdate. yep, a weekend-long playdate. 

our good friends invited us to join them at their lake house. we used to take yearly trips together before any of us had kids. it was so interesting to see how trips change when you have almost as many children as adults. early mornings, adventure walks, life jackets, feeding the fish, sharing sippy cups, cleaning up toys, pack n' plays for days, chasing toddlers, entertaining babies, nasty matt's pizza, chicago deep dish STYLE pizza, tyler's pancakes instead of waffles (my mistake at the lake), rock climbing and being too exhausted to finish the tech game. 

overall, i would call it a success. a weekend-long, successful playdate. it was great to see the beginnings of life long friendships being made. looking forward to doing it all over again and making new memories. and who knows, maybe there will be new additions for our next weekend long playdate.
hugs and kisses~ MATL 2013 crew


  1. That looks amazing! I'd swear your crew is straight out of a movie--its not fair to see THAT many attractive people together in one place:) if ya'lls life was a movie, Paul Rudd would play have to play Matt because they are total twins.

  2. I love that you were all able to take this trip together. What a special time!!