November 5, 2013

did you think i forgot about you?

i know, it's been awhile. don't worry, i haven't forgotten about just you. it seems i have forgotten every thing lately. i have forgotten to celebrate all things fall, including halloween (well, almost). i have forgotten to get out my 'new to me' fancy camera that i got for my birthday. i have forgotten how every night my family expects to eat a warm dinner.  my brain is mush. i get on my phone to call or text a friend i've been thinking about, only to get distracted by instagram. i forget to rsvp to weddings and showers, or write thank you notes because by the time i go to the other room to get said invitation or said thank you note, I have been distracted by eighteen other things. and don't even get me started on paying bills. that's why i got on the computer and somehow i ended up writing this blog post. oh well.

this past weekend we had friends come visit.  they were our first overnight guests since we've moved into our home 6+ months ago.which means, the "guest room" that was serving as our storage unit as well as aplin's temporary room needed a lot of attention.  i've been consumed with unpacking and organizing the last of our moving boxes and getting mclain and aplin's shared room put together.  the guest room is officially a guest room and mclain and aplin are officially sharing a room.  i'm patting myself on the back as i type this.

enough of my are some recent photos:
our costumes took 6 1/2 minutes to put together. they would've taken less time if aplin would have cooperated a little more when it came to drawing on her whiskers. and look at those cheeks--i can't get enough!

last year, i made my costume. we went to 3 different fall festivals. carved a pumpkin and passed out candy.  this year we did none of that. we put on these very 'modest' costumes and went to marmee and grandad's for candy but mainly so they would take our picture. sorry kids, i promise next year will be better.

like i said earlier, this past weekend we had friends in town.  we ate a lot of good food: jalisco's, one guys, and josie's. and i got to cross two things of my lubbock to-do list: pictures with buddy holly and dancing at chances r. all were a success.
^^^yes, mclain has his guns up^^^
 ^^^these kiddos have the BEST aunts and uncles^^^
^^^he's been asking for dana ever since she's left.  come back soon!!!^^^
^^^please note i cropped out will's gig'em--that will not be tolerated in raider land^^^
^also, i look pregnant--i am not^
the game was a bust, but hey, you win some, you lose some. right? my gun was up the whole time! and that's what really matters.

hope y'all had a wonderful halloween, weekend and past couple months....ttyl!

hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, a, b, b, t, m, m, b, bc and m

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  1. "pregnancy brain' doesn't end once you aren't pregnant:) at least mine didn't. Just fyi- you don't EVER have to waste the postage on a thank you card to me--I know you are thankful:)...all thank you cards go straight into the recycling at my house. I know! I'm terrible. don't judge me.