November 9, 2013

apple orchard

experiencing all things fall means an obligatory visit to the apple orchard. mclain loved it...and aplin slept right through it.
we got to explore, sample the local produce, and ride on a hayride. mclain would much rather drive the tractor instead of sitting on a pile of hay in the back of the trailer. but you get what you get--
life lessons on the farm :)
^^^mclain is all about the free samples--just like his mama^^^
part of me wants to start decorating for christmas, but i have held off so i can enjoy fall a little bit longer.  i want more pumpkin flavored everything before i move on to peppermint and eggnog. i also want more apple orchards and pumpkin patches before i move on to christmas trees and twinkle lights. i'm making an effort to embrace the season we are in and savoring every moment.
if you need an apple pie, we use the betty crocker recipe--that lady knows what's up. 

hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, a, t, m, b, b, b, m, bc and m

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