November 18, 2012

santa?! i know him!!!

what a weekend!!!
we started it off with a red cup! we met santa and his reindeer! we had cherry pie for breakfast :) we had family movie night with a fire. we heard one of the best sermons...ever. the raiders didn't win but the cowboys did and my fantasy team is still too close to call. i didn't win in our not-so-friendly family card game but matt i guess if i'm gonna lose, it should be to him. but biggest of big news...mclain finally. FINALLY. got his first tooth AND finally. FINALLY started crawling!  what a weekend!!!
hope y'all had a great weekend! happy monday to one of our favorite weeks of the entire year!!!
hugs and kisses~m, s, one-toothed mc, b, b, m, t, m, b, n, bc and t


  1. The pic of McLain with Santa is awesome!!! They do look like "lifelong" buds!

    1. we tried to bring his reindeer home with us, but he wouldn't let us :)