November 2, 2012

life lately

making pops feel better
my new j's
humiliation at the hospital
my pops makes the best pizza!
tootie made tasty soup, thanks to slc foodie
if you wanna win, put me in
watching pops hoop
learning how to throw a spiral
mastering the 3 point stance
 pops enjoying my misery
my first halloween festival
waiting for the trick-o-treaters
hangin' with my pops
 jack-o-laterns are the best!
happy friday! hope you have a great weekend!
hugs and kisses~mc


  1. These are SOOO cute. My BF would go crazy over the little mini Cowboys attire. He's such a huge Cowboys fan (we live in Maine) and no one around here is. All Patriots fans. We have a two year old son, and I'm sure he'd love to see a cowboys sweatshirt on him, lol. Might have to get one now, after seeing how cute it looks!

    Cute photos! Thanks for sharing them!

    1. thank you amber! we went to maine two summers ago and fell in love! we found our little's cowboy jacket on ebay, maybe you would have some luck on ebay too!
      thanks for visiting!