July 16, 2012

getting settled and eating cereal

well we've been in Lubbock for 2 weeks now.  we are officially unpacked, we're almost organized and my goal for this week is working on mclain's nap schedule and his big boy food. our long term goal is to find a church. 

since we've been back we have celebrated anna's 3rd birthday which is the same day as our anniversary (7 years! wow!). we've celebrated matt's 29th birthday followed by marmee and grandad's 40th anniversary (super WOW!).

we've had 3 date nights, thanks to marmee and grandad!

like i mentioned earlier, we are on a mission to find a church home. so far, we've been to experience life and indiana ave baptist church.  neither of those are out of the running but we want to to a little more exploring before settling in. i'm not sure which one we'll try next but i know one of the things i'm excited about most is finding a church to call home. if only kris and michi were here to make the decision for us.

we had his 4 month check up last week. after being rejected by every recommended pediatrician, i finally had to do some name-dropping in order to get what i wanted.  i am officially a crazy-psycho momma who only wants the very best for my child. :)  these are his current stats:
height: 26 in (90%)
weight: 15lbs 8oz (60%)
head circumference: 16.5 in (50%).
my main concern i wanted to discuss with our pedi was mclain's feedings.  what's next?!
which leads us to yesterday....

yesterday, was our first experience with sitting in a high chair, eating rice cereal and eating with a spoon. for those of you who don't know, i have been very anxious about mclain's first food and how to go about it...do i start with cereal? (rice or oatmeal?) or do i start with veggies? (do we puree or do we let him feed himself?) i am terrified to have children that are picky eaters. i am determined for my children to love food like i love food.  i want to be able to sit down as a family and eat dinner together and for it to be an enjoyable experience for everyone. some of my favorite memories as a child are the few times we sat down at the table as a family and ate home-cooked meals. i have done lots of research from mommy blogs, self-proclaimed gurus and annoyingly asked all my mommy friends "what did you do? are you glad you did it? would you do anything different? have you heard about this? what do you think about that?".  i will try anything that sounds reasonable.
after gathering all my information and talking to our pediatrician, we decided to start with rice cereal (organic). matt and i don't eat organic but we do try and eat "clean". we try to eat things that when i read the ingredients, i can pronouce everything on it.  you probably think we're crazy....it's just rice cereal! but next time you go to the store look at the ingredients for rice cereal and tell me it's just rice cereal!  it reminds me of people i know who will feed their dogs the most expensive pet food out there or raw meats and veggies and then grab their own dinner at the taco bell drive-thru! matt and i are just as guilty and of course we're going to be the same way with our precious little boy.
anyways..... matt started off feeding mclain but he definitely prefers to feed himself.  :)  he made a huge mess, but got the hang of it after awhile and he really had fun! and i loved watching him make a mess and figure it out. i kind of felt like the mom on 'a christmas story' when she encourages randy aka her 'little piggy' to eat his potatoes.

why is there an airplane coming towards my mouth?

and why am i suppose to eat it?

what do you mean, "swallow"?

here, let me do it.

it's not as easy as it looks

my forms not perfect, but who's is?

are you sure this isn't a teething toy?

say, i do like rice cereal! thank you, sam i am!

do you like my evil cereal gotee?

mommy's little piggy

hugs and kisses~m, s, mc, t, b, b, m, m, b, n, bc and t

p.s. we got new turtles! big cheddar and tink.  please keep tink in your prayers.  he is tiny and struggling to make it :(

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