September 26, 2012

we've been busy lovin' our family and friends

wow! it's been awhile. my parents have been busy looking for jobs. crafting. and going to jackson (that will be a later post). can you believe they left me for 5 days?!?! me neither! 
 but mostly we've been spending time with our family and friends.
here's a look at my precious peeps.

uncle shane

uncle christian



great grandmother dennis

my cousin anna and her rainboots

uncle benji

getting drive-thru with jack

hanging with our friends
this is jentry and she is so pretty

this is my friend tabor, he's going to have a little brother soon!

this is sweet finley. long distance relationships are hard.

we'll report back soon with our favorite lubbock hotspots!
hugs and kisses~ mc, m, s, b, m, t, b, m, b, n, bc, and t

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