July 2, 2012

rollin' with my hommies

actually....more like rollin' all by myself.

so today (July 1) was a BIG day! not only was it moving day (from dallas back to lubbock), mclain turned 4 months today and with that he showed us his new talent.  this morning matt and i were loading up the very last of our casa and mc was playing on his playmat.  he had recently eaten so he was playing on his back (otherwise his breakfast would end up on his playmat). i walked into our room were he was playing and he was laying on his stomache. matt knows that he can't play on his stomache so soon after eating, so i checked with matt, "did you put mclain on his stomache?" "no". what?! he just rolled from his back to his tummy and we totally missed it! i have been neglecting mclain for the past week trying to pack and get ready for the move. i'm so glad we finally made it to lubbock, so i can love on my little man again and watch him roll all over his new digs.

moving day

playing on his back

rollin' to his tummy

exhausted from all the rollin'...time to take a cat-nap

home sweet home

hugs and kisses from the caprock~m, s, mc, m, b, t, b, m, n and b

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