April 22, 2016

penny's first krispy kreme

i'd like to say i'd planned this adventure.
but as it turns out, we stumbled across it by a long morning of mistakes.

we had somewhere we were supposed to be this morning and i was responsible for bringing food and decorations.  i told the kids we would pick up donuts on the way, mclain wanted krispy kreme.  unfortunately, life happened, we were late (no one has ever accused me of having good time management skills--i blame my mother), i dropped my coffee and broke my mug heading out the door.  i won't tell you, trading-uppers, what my daughter did to your purchases....but i will say that anything harmed was fixed.  with all of that being said, i grabbed a box of fruit loops (thankfully the big kids snack cups were left in the car from the previous day) and filled their cups up and told them we didn't have time for krispy kreme. the tear gates opened. i tried to console them with: if they stopped crying and ate their breakfast, we would get donuts after our MOPs meeting (close to lunch time). thankfully, it worked. 
fast forward a couple hours...as we're pulling up to the drive thru, aplin asks if we can go inside to eat our donuts. YES! a hundred times, yes! because making a donut mess inside their establishment sounds much better than making a donut mess inside my already dirty car. :) 

this may also be mclain's first krispy kreme adventure judging by the pure joy he experienced when he saw the donuts being made. he told me, more than once, "when i'm big, i wanna be a donut maker." 

penny wasn't feeling the obligatory krispy kreme hat photo.
we are so glad this morning didn't go as expected!

big hugs and happy friday, friends!

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