February 12, 2014

you lead. i'll follow.

this past weekend we took a trip to the texas tech museum for a valentine craft event. we passed a set of stairs on the way to the craft room and i was wearing aplin. needless to say, our craft time lasted all of 4 1/2 minutes.  there is little crafting to be done when you have an 18 pound, grabby-hand baby attached to the front of you. not to mention a boy so focused on the stairs he hadn't climbed, he didn't even try to eat the glue or put beads up his nose. 
i decided to forget the craft and let mclain explore the museum. life is so much easier when you don't have an agenda and you're just along for the ride. with that said, mclain you lead and aplin and i will follow.
^^^ "BIG dina" ^^^
^^^he knows his colors^^^
^^^he tried to push the glass open and kept saying, 'out'.
^^^aplin and me following mclain^^^

hugs and kisses~s.


  1. Shayna! Love you girl. So pretty. And I love those days and outings when I can just let my kids play freely! Way to go good mama

  2. every time I get nervous about adding another kiddo to the mix, I see how well you are handling two under two and it makes me less scared:) 18 lbs and still carrying in a sling? what are you, super woman? I get winded holding my 18 lb babe for more than a few minutes!:)